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5 Ways to Lose Your Online Students’ Trust

In “Your Zoom University Professor is Watching You,” I wrote about a personal experience I had when taking a course at Harvard. This caused me to reflect further and remember number of the times I lost confidence in my professor. While there are many stories I could share (and maybe …

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Taking a Test Online? THEY Know What You Are Doing.

With online and auto-graded tests becoming more common these days, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there is a market for teachers and professors to ensure that their students are not cheating on tests and quizzes. However, should teachers and professors disclose that they are using these features? Ethically, for …

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Hackers Are Attacking Zoom, Here is The Video to Prove It

A recent string of articles online have been calling out Zoom for its privacy concerns and for the number of break-ins to online classes, company meetings, and church gatherings. Youtubers are also joining in to show how its done: STARTS AT 10:22 [WARNING: Explicit language, alcohol use, drugs] Unfortunately, this …

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