Bring Coding to the Classroom

Why Coding is Important:

90% of schools don’t teach coding, yet being able to code has been identified as one of the most in-demand skills across numerous industries. In addition, coding is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for many jobs. With the change in what employers are seeking in candidates, it is arguably the responsibility of school systems to revise their metrics of a high-quality program to include what students will be able to achieve beyond university and into the workforce. As World Class Educators, it is our responsibility to prepare students for the literacy of today as well as using these skills to further increase problem solving, team work, and analytical thinking of the leaders of tomorrow.

Interested in bringing coding to your classroom but don’t know how to code?

Try out Hour of Code for free, pick a coding program, and practice yourself. After you’ve played for an hour, try bringing it to the classroom as an “expert” — can’t keep up with your students? Have your higher performing students and an”expert” and have him or her help those who get stuck on certain levels.

Need a set curriculum connected to standards to get you started? has you covered!

Wanna see how much students enjoy coding?

The video below (it’s nothing fancy!) shows my students coding independently. How did I get them interested? Well- taking an interest in what students are coding and knowing what they are working on helps to keep students motivated to figure out how to code properly — even if they don’t get the code correct the first time around. Have a look!

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