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Your Zoom University Professor is Watching You

Back when I attended a Management Consulting course at Harvard, my professor wanted to drop my grade from a solid A to a B+ all because I didn’t answer a cold call. He generalized my lack of presence at that moment as my participation throughout the course and wanted to …

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New Teaching Positions in China!

Looking for a new teaching position in China? We’ve got you covered! Our human resource team in both American and China handle everything including filing for and obtaining a work (Z) visa. We personally support you at every step of the way and throughout the school year. Positions for the …

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Advice for New Teachers Entering the Profession

Do 50% of teachers really leave the profession within 5 years? A more recent study shows that this number is actually a lot smaller at just 17%. So don’t be discouraged when you encounter difficulties in your first few years as a teacher. If you persist, you will find that …

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